Gold is showing all six series of the classic sitcom from 1989, set in a Peckham barber shop, starring the late, great Norman Beaton as Desmond Ambrose. Series 4 starts 6 April. Desmond's barbershop is the hub of the community's social scene. Desmond often talks about retiring and returning to his native Guyana, but his affection for his customers and the community prevent him from doing so. Desmond's wife, Shirley (Carmen Munroe), often serves as the backbone?of the shop as she acts as the voice of reason for Desmond and the others who frequent the shop - a group that includes Desmond's old friend Porkpie (Ram John Holder), Gambian student Matthew (Gyearbuor Asante), and the Ambroses' children Michael (Geff Francis), Sean (_Justin Pickett) and Gloria (Kim Walker).