Goodnight Sweetheart

Lyndhurst plays TV repairman Gary Sparrow, an ordinary bloke with an extraordinary life. Juggling his roles as a husband in a failing marriage, dependable friend and doting father in the present day, thanks to a spot of time travel he also partakes in courageous acts of 1940s heroism. As series five merges into the final, sixth series, Gary finds that his 1940s and present day worlds beginning to collide even more. Not only does Gary get involved in a secret mission on the Isle Of Wight, where he?s captured by the Gestapo, but he gets a premonition of how his son, Michael, will turn out in the future and tries to change history in order to give him a better life. He also gets struck by lightning, releasing an evil duplicate, someone that his present day wife and mate Ron actually prefer to the real Gary! A time traveller?s life is never easy!