New to Gold - Sundays at 9:20pm

Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais' sequel to their 1974 sitcom classic of the same name. Nigel Fletcher (Kevin Bishop) – ‘Fletch’ to his friends – is just like his grandad Norman: a sharp-witted chancer with no respect for authority. Now, just like his grandad, he’s found himself in jail, having committed a series of cyber-crimes. Backed-up by his cellmate and friend Joe Lotterby (Dave Hill), Fletch navigates life in Wakeley Prison - whether that’s keeping an eye on imprisoned rock stars, helping his fellow inmates to write letters home or trying to keep prison bad boy Dougie Parfitt (Harry Peacock) at bay. And that’s before dealing with the prison warders who seem set on making his life complicated, particularly Mr Meekie (Mark Bonnar).

The original show